"I believe each stroke of a brush and word on a page opens me into a world of imagination and beauty only the heart can see." 

~ Gwendolyn Gray ~

Gwendolyn Gray

Gwendolyn Gray has lived on Horseshoe Lagoon, Casino, for the past 35 years. Watching the daily antics of the waterfowl on the lagoon inspired Gwendolyn to write the story about the little duckling and his adventures. 

Bucket brings together all types of waterfowl, including the large black swan, water hens, and other ducks in a delightful tale of a day on the lagoon. 

Her long time admiration of Beautrix Potter motivated Gwendolyn to write this children's book. 

Being a founding member of Casino Art Group, Gwendolyn has grown as a Fine Line Pen and Acrylic artist has reflected in her paintings. 

Her works include landscape, historical military, and realism pieces. Her paintings and drawings are throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and America. 

Gwendolyn has lived in Casino all her life, marrying a local farmer and is a mother of two. 

She has become well-known in the town for her artistic abilities and has a history of of artists in the family who have had success in their own right. Painting and writing gives Gwendolyn a sense of pleasure and giving to the community also enhances her enjoyment.