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Gwendolyn Gray is a full-time Australian artist and has been for her entire adult life.

Her creative works often include Australia's flora and fauna as well as various natural and architectural landscapes, historical military depictions and of course animal portraits.

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Gwen is primarily an acrylic artist; her style a blend of realism with a dash of vibrant impressionistic flair. Her artworks depict the rich history of this land as well as its natural beauty and vitality.

Gwen’s home town, Casino in New South Wales, is regularly present in her artworks and is home to the wonderful characters in her children’s book series (now available at InHouse Publishing).

Gwen has depicted a variety of landscapes but she always comes back to her roots here in Australia. Her love for her home with its diverse flora and fauna can be felt in the rich colours of her paintings and in the care of her linework.

Gwen's paintings and drawings are on display in homes and businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and America. 





Gwendolyn Gray has lived and painted at her home by Horseshoe Lagoon in Casino, NSW for the past 35 years. Watching the daily antics of the local waterfowl on the lagoon inspired Gwendolyn to write a series about a little duckling and his adventures.

Learn more about the books here.

Gwen has lived in Casino all her life, where she got married to a local farmer and raised two children.

She loves her home town and the local community in which s
he has become well-known for her artistic abilities. Gwen has a history of artists in her ancestry who have had success in their own right.

Painting, drawing and writing gives Gwen a sense of pleasure and giving to the community also enhances her enjoyment. 



Gwen's work is featuring in an upcoming artist exhibition in Kyogle!

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Recent Achievements

2021 was a very exciting year for Gwendolyn Gray! 

Some of her many achievements this year have included being nominated for Citizen of the Year in her hometown of Casino NSW. Gwen was awarded the Clarence Electorate Local Woman of the Year - which invited Gwendolyn to join other Local Women in Sydney for the NSW Women of the Year Awards with Premier Gladys Berejklian. Gwen also was invited to the Kyogle Writers Festival 2021 as a local children's author.

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